The A Cappella Academy

A unique learning opportunity

Here’s an exciting opportunity for all choirs – The A Cappella Academy. The Academy is a training course; a place where vocal ensembles can learn the unique set of skills to become more accomplished choral singers. Under the expert tuition of Ex-King’s Singer, Tim Wayne-Wright, you’ll examine and learn what it truly means to be an ensemble singer. Tim will cover the main issues and hurdles that every choir face – from vowel matching to using vocal colours, all of the key elements of good ensemble singing will be explained and explored during these workshops. Enjoy taking your ensemble skills to the next level, as you travel on this fascinating journey through the world of a cappella!

Timothy Wayne-Wright

Tim Wayne-Wright was a member of the Grammy-winning a cappella vocal ensemble, The King’s Singers, for 10 years. He was fortunate enough to tour the world, singing over 1500 concerts in some of the world’s greatest venues. Tim has taught over 500 masterclasses and workshops, imparting chamber music skills and techniques to choirs and instrumentalists across the globe. Since leaving The King’s Singers in 2018, he continues to thrive as part of the choral scene internationally. Tim is the Artistic Director of CHORALSPACE’s Berlin Summer Festival, 2023. He also manages an exciting roster of artists and holds consultancy roles with vocal ensembles in both UK and Canada. Tim loves the opportunity to adjudicate choral competitions and to coach choirs of all sizes, taking great pleasure from working with musicians of all ages and ability. In March 2021, he emigrated to New Zealand with his Kiwi wife and two children. Tim is absolutely thrilled to now call Aotearoa home, and delighted to be coaching so many wonderful performers across the country.

The next A Cappella Academy: Berlin Summer Festival 2023, June 15 – 25

The inaugural European edition of the Academy in June 2022 was such fun! I was able to coach a talented and diverse range of choirs in Berlin – each ensemble leaving the workshops with a greater understanding of the techniques involved in mastering a cappella ensemble singing. I’ll be back in Berlin next summer to collaborate with CHORALSPACE’s Summer Festival and I can’t wait to see who signs up for the workshops this time! If you’ve got any questions about the A Cappella Academy, then please feel free to contact me on my email address below. I look forward to seeing and hearing you very soon!

Timothy Wayne-Wright