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Music, Justice, and shared Humanity

Humanity’s struggles, hopes, and the pursuit of justice are best addressed by shared dreams and action. Musical work can be central.
Conductors and music educators search for strategies and approaches that will work worldwide. André de Quadros is an internationally recognized authority in music and social justice, who will empower participants in their own professional work.

Meet André

A world citizen and human rights activist living the moto: inclusion starts outside the comfort zone. His research in more than 40 countries has provided insights to a growing community of musical activists around the world.
André is professor of music at Boston University and conductor of Manado State University Choir (Indonesia), Muslim Choral Ensemble (Sri Lanka), VOICES 21C (Boston-based), Common Ground Voices (Israel-Palestine-international), Common Ground Voices/La Frontera, as well as Founder and Creative Director of the media platform The Choral Commons.
His professional work has taken him to the most diverse settings, spanning professional ensembles and projects with prisons, psychosocial rehabilitation, refugees and asylum-seekers, and victims of torture and trauma.

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