Dag Jansson


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Meet Dag

After a business career, Dag Jansson did a complete reset – pursuing musicology studies at the University of Oslo and choral conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he also earned his PhD. He began a new career as a choral conductor and has conducted several chamber choirs, including Vox Humana, Sarpsborg kammerkor, Indre Østfold kammerkor, and LillCanto. In 2015, he was appointed associate professor of arts management at Oslo Business School and also teaches at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. His extensive research includes a number of topics, including conductor competences, professional development, and education, as well as choral singing as a competence and identity enhancing tool. His book ‘Leading Musically’ is a deep dive into musicality in leadership in a wide sense.