Jim Daus Hjernøe


The Intelligent Choir


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Meet Jim

Professor Jim Daus Hjernøe is the principal teacher in Rhythmic Choir Leading at The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark (RAMA). He is head of RAMA Vocal Center, which is recognized internationally as a leading European center of rhythmic choir leading education, and online courses at the very highest level within this field. Jim Daus Hjernøe has focused on improvisational vocal art since 2002 and developed the innovative and revolutionary methodology ‘The Intelligent Choir’ with ‘Vocal Painting’ as one of the headliners. As a conductor, he has been touring internationally with his vocal ensembles VoxNorth and RAMA Voices, and shared the stage with Bobby McFerrin (US) on several occasions. Jim has held a large number of workshops, seminars, lectures, and courses for singers and conductors in Europe, the middle east, and Asia.