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Great Choirs: 
More Than Musical Excellence

May 3, 2022 at 19:00 CET (Online Session)

Are great choirs the best kept secret?  Is everyone born a singer?  Learn how the global choral community can better articulate the values of singing together beyond musical excellence, many of which are already known, but just not shared.  Learn about how you can expand the impact of your choir beyond the rigor and excitement of musical excellence.

Meet Martin

Martin Monson is the executive director of Barbershop Harmony Society, where he has been a member for as many as thirty-six years. He has been a producer and co-producer in multiple US choral festival and tours, and is also a singer and admitted “chord worshipper”. 

Martin brings a strong blend of skills, experiences, energy and vision, as demonstrated in his long career in business and barbershop, and has been known to use great resources to broaden and enhance overall awareness and improvement of barbershop harmony. His unbridled passion, confidence, and enthusiasm are sure to inspire many.

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