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Merel Martens is a full-time choir leader, arranger, teacher and coach. In May 2015 she received a Master’s degree in ‘Vocal Leadership’ from the Royal Academy of Music (DK), studying with Jim Daus Hjernøe, with the highest possible honors. Merel is well-known for her involvement in award-winning vocal groups and choirs like ‘MAZE’ (NL), “Pitch Control” (NL), “VOÏSZ Vocal Projects” (NL), “The Junction” (NL), “Perpetuum Jazzile” (SI), and Vocalocity (IR).
Since November 2015, Merel has brought the ‘Vocal Leadership’ method to the Netherlands, educating choir leaders during courses and a master’s degree in this relatively new discipline. In June 2018 Merel was awarded ‘Best choir conductor of 2018’ by the Netherlands Choir Festival, and MAZE was awarded ‘best Choir of the Netherlands’.