Michael Hayden


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The Evolving and Creative Mindset

March 29, 2022 at 19:00 CET (Online Session)

This session comes with an interesting premise: Dare to dream and create rather than always follow the crowd. Discover and develop your own vision about every aspect of choral music leadership, education, and performance. 

It’s ok not to think like everyone else. If this is a philosophy you share, you will definitely have a lot to learn. If not, you will have a lot to discover.

Meet Michael

Michael Hayden’s career in choral music has spanned forty years, teaching and conducting choral music to university, public schools, and adult community choirs. In 2014, out of 380,000 teachers statewide, Michael was named California Teacher of the Year, becoming only the second choral director to receive this distinction. In that same year, Mira Costa High School’s Music Department was named a GRAMMY Gold Signature School, one of three schools in the US to receive this prestigious award. 

His choirs have always been at the forefront in prominent choral events, have sung in Carnegie Hall, and toured to Greece, England, France, Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. Michael believes anyone can learn how to sing. He continually seeks out the unique and unexpected, never settling for the common or customary. In his world … nothing is impossible.

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