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From Classical Choir, to Barbershop, and Back!

November 9, 2021 at 19:00 CET (Online Session)

Here’s a session from someone who started out in the world of classical music and then developed a passion for the art form of barbershop, eventually taking the best of the two genres to make new astounding compositions! There are definitely ways of thinking, ways of working, and ways of making music in both genres crossbreed in ways that benefit one another. Learn how You can also benefit from the integration of different important musical concepts from different styles by using them in the right way.

Meet Rasmus

Rasmus Krigström  is the choral director of Zero8, Pearls of Sound, A Scalpella and a professional singer with the Ringmasters, the Swedish Radio Choir and many others. His talent made the Ringmasters rise up to becoming the Barbershop Quartet World Champion 2012 in only four years. 

Rasmus is also a producer, arranger, composer and drummer. 

Rasmus’ musicality and artfulness have had a huge impact on Zero8 since he assumed the leadership of the choir in 2015, making leaps and improvements in almost every direction. Since then he has managed to become a certified barbershop music judge and is also co-director of the choir Pearls of the Sound, from Helsingborg, all the while finishing his studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

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