Silvester in Vienna

December 28, 2023 – January 2, 2024 | Vienna, Austria

The Grand Finale of 2023!
Beethoven Symphony No. 9, Wiener Symphoniker, Wiener Singakademie and auditioned singers of CHORALSPACE at the Wiener Konzerthaus.
A unique learning and performing opportunity!

Silvester Concert and Beethoven’s Ninth
one of Vienna’s most traditional events

Since 1975/76, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Singakademie have regularly celebrated the turn of the year with Beethoven’s Ninth.

Vienna Symphony Orchestra

As Vienna’s cultural ambassador and premier concert orchestra, the Wiener Symphoniker handles the lion’s share of symphonic activity that makes up the musical life of the city. The Wiener Symphoniker is one of Europe’s most prestigious ensembles with 128 members.

Vienna Singakademie

The Wiener Singakademie was founded in 1858 as Vienna’s first mixed choir. Very soon the Wiener Singakademie established itself as a notable part of Vienna’s concert life. In 1882, the young Johannes Brahms was brought to Vienna to serve as the choirmaster of the Wiener Singakademie. Over the years, the circle of conductors grew steadily including Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss and Bruno Walter. Many composers a.o. Edvard Grieg, Anton Rubinstein, and Pietro Mascagni premiered their works together with the Wiener Singakademie.

Heinz Ferlesch
Artistic Director Wiener Singakademie

In 1998, Heinz Ferlesch assumed the post of artistic director of the Wiener Singakademie. As one of its longest serving directors, he has shaped the style of the choir and has helped to build up a program to support and sponsor young artists. This includes not only the development and further training of the choir members, but also the inclusion of young, gifted soloists and ensembles in the concert programs.

Schedule of the project
at the Wiener Konzerthaus


Overview of costs
and requirements for application

The participation fee for the five-day learning and performing project is EUR 190.
We welcome experienced singers, able to join the final rehearsals of such a choral symphonic project. The final chorus of the symphony should already have been prepared in individual or group rehearsals. The dress rehearsal and the performances are to be performed from memory. A video recording of a freely chosen piece should be submitted with the application. The application will be reviewed and is to be confirmed by the artistic direction of the Wiener Singakademie.

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