Summer Festival 2023

June 15 – 25, 2023 | Berlin, Germany

The CHORALSPACE Summer Festival is a collaborative event that enables, supports, and showcases international choral friendship. The event presents concerts created by local and international choirs in some of Berlin’s most beautiful concert venues.

Bringing together
choral innovation and Berlin’s vibrant summer

No other season turns Berlin into such a glittering display of life as summertime. The city almost takes on a new character as people fill the streets and art blossoms in every corner. The colorful façades, the vibrant social scene, and the diverse culture set a unique stage for wonderful choral collaborations and friendships.

Join the scene!

How does my participation look like?

CHORALSPACE offers a residence program – individually scheduled to meet the expectations of the travelling ensembles and showcase their singing tradition. It is created for those international choirs who are interested in partnering with another international, or local choir to rehearse together and perform in the frame of the festival.

Your journey to the Summer Festival
starts already before your trip to Berlin!

Working closely together with your artistic team, we will choose a partner choir for the collaboration and schedule a preliminary schedule for your involvement. Therefore, we invented a structure of meetings which allows all participants to work together on the artistic program and get to know each other.

Overview of costs
for performers and friends

The participation fee for the CHORALSPACE Summer Festival is 95 EUR per person.
This fee applies to all performing participants.

Affiliated non-performers (accompanying persons, families, friends, and colleagues) are offered a reduced participation fee of 49 EUR per person, which includes attendance at all the rehearsals and concerts of the choir they are affiliated with.

This participation fee includes:
All sessions of the working process, professional artistic and administrative arrangements of your performances in Berlin including venues, personnel, program book, publicity and audience development, flyers, posters, press releases, stage management and security passes, entrance for the other concerts of the festival, and on-site support of the festival staff.

This participation fee does not include:
Travel, accommodation, and food.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.