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Faith over Fear:
Opportunities Favor the Prepared! Let’s Get You in Shape.

June 21, 2022 at 19:00 CET (Online Session)

This course covers your personal business plan. It starts with your values, deals with your fears, and ends with your dreams. It is common sense at its essence and pragmatic action at its core.

Join the discussion and you will come out more confident, motivated, and determined to live your best life now.

Meet Tim

Tim Vieira is a self-made serial entrepreneur and businessman. He has spent decades starting businesses and supporting entrepreneurs from Africa to Europe and in 2015 he became known to the Portuguese public as one of the investors in the TV program Shark Tank Portugal. Tim is now the CEO of Bravegeneration, an entrepreneurship booster association in Portugal with stakes in about 30 companies.

Tim is the founder of Escolhe Portugal and Special Edition Holding, one of the largest media groups in Angola, where he also owns various outdoor billboard advertising businesses and some of the most important events rentals, brand activations, and media planning companies. Tim has been elected president of CCILSA (Portuguese-South African Industry and Commerce Chamber) and is a distinguished member of the advisory board at Nova School of Business & Economics.

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