Über uns

The choral community is changing, and this is not only connected to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a process of a crisis that has been calling for more artistic innovation, audience visibility and social inclusivity already for a long time. CHORALSPACE has been created to initiate, motivate, and support the change of the choral community.

CHORALSPACE is a place for learning that includes a 360° academic program for students of all ages.

CHORALSPACE is a place for creating that includes an international conference to broaden the focus of choral music.

CHORALSPACE is a place for excellent performances that includes some of the best stages of the world.

CHORALSPACE is a new access to LEARN, CREATE and PERFORM: An International Academy for Choral Arts!

Advisory Board

An Experienced, Demanding, Committed Advisory Board


An Innovative, Dedicated, Enthusiastic Team