March 27 – 30, 2025 | Berlin, Germany

Concerts of the Future

Join us in Berlin 2025 and make the CHORALSPACE Discourse an inspiring marketplace for sharing vision, innovative thinking, and best practice learnings.

This time, we put one of the most thriving challenges center-stage:
How can we catch audiences by changing our concert experiences?
With an interdisciplinary approach, we focus tools, strategies, and creative ideas to transform presentation, perception, and audience experience in choral music.

The CHORALSPACE Discourse is designed to provide an inspiring journey, host accelerator ateliers, passionate debates, and stunning breakout sessions. But the main goal remains to connect people, promote a cutting-edge mindset, and support an international community of professional innovators.

We invite everyone who loves and lives from choral music to join and contribute – conductors, composers, choirmaster, concert producers, festival hosts, dramaturges, choir managers, project developers, creative consultants, agents as well as ambitious amateurs and arts students.

CHORALSPACE Discourse starts with a spectacular “Gastmahl”, a true feast, a literal Greek symposium, deep into the first night. Don’t miss it!

Save the date

March 27, 2025 at 7:30 pm to Sunday night at about 2:00 am.
Schedule and Details of the sessions tba by the end of April 2024.

Get Involved

Ideas and best practice experience to share?
Please drop us a note